All your NimbusBase are belong to the cloud.

Yesterday, Jordan Novet over at gigaom published a piece on a neat little company called NimbusBase, who’s misson statement is “We want to radically change how application backends are built for the better.”  That is to say, they’ll provide a layer of abstraction between application developers, and what will soon be the jungle of implementation specific API’s from every cloud storage provider on the block.

They currently provide compatibility for DropBox, Google Drive & BackBone.js, with SkyDrive and Box coming in the future.  There are also plans for native iPhone & Android implementations, so that any app on your phone could make use of their API’s.  Giving users and developers more options of where to store an applications configuration & data is ideal.

They’ve got a link to their GitHub repo directly on the front page, but its not immediately clear whether or not they intend to fully open source their back end service.  For app developers, if your application is licensed under the GPL or MIT licenses, their service is free.  What’s also really nice is that while I didn’t see any documentation on their API, they’ve written an HTML based reference application called taskstrike which stores its configuration to either Google Driver or DropBox.  The source is available in their repo.

As of the DropBox Platform release, they’re integrating with the DropBox API’s and will continue to extend.  It’ll be interesting to watch where NimbusBase ends up.  I’m certainly a fan of the idea.


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